Staff Induction

  1. Staff Induction Checklist (In own time)
  2. Safeguarding: Recording of Concerns
  3. What is the PACE approach?
  4. What is Motional and how do we assess in SEMH?
  5. What every child professional needs to know about key brain chemicals
  6. What every teacher should know about ADHD reality, suggestions and strategies
  7. Teacher standards
  8. TA standards
  9. Behaviour policy (appendix 1-4 condensed) including challenge scripts
  10. Student Timetable examples
  11. P-Points: Recording
  12. P-Points: Current PD and BA data at Fen Rivers Academy
  13. Learning Journeys (and accessing SharePoint)
  14. Use of walkie-talkie/ radios
  15. How SEMH schools use therapeutic interventions to support students
  16. Personalised Behaviour Support Plans (BSP)
  17. New Student Induction: Overview
  18. Emotional vocabulary: Building and reflecting tool
  19. Effective Debriefs: Reflective and Preparative Time

Staff Induction at Fen Rivers – DOWNLOAD

Online Learning and CPD

Home Learning for Staff
Developing my Fen Practice
Getting to Know One Another