At Hungerford Primary School we are proud of all of our pupils’ talents and achievements. We believe that each child is special and unique and we expect them to achieve to their fullest individual potential, both in their learning and behaviour, regardless of ability. We take pride in the nurturing of every pupil and having a positive learning environment, to provide both support and challenge to all of our children.

Our school is a two form entry primary school with an integrated nursery and strong links to local children’s centres. We are dedicated to providing the best possible education for pupils in a safe and stimulating environment. We follow a literacy rich curriculum which links arts,

science and humanities subjects through engaging, meaningful themes and project based learning.

We are located in a stunning listed building in the heart of our community, where the school has played a big part of the rich history of the local area. We work in partnership with our parents and community and are committed to providing a welcoming community atmosphere which celebrates the achievement of every child. As a school, we are always looking forward in order to find innovative ways for our children to learn.

We are delighted to welcome current or prospective parents to our school to see for yourself what we have to offer.






Jo Stephens, Headteacher

“Pupils demonstrate positive attitudes to their learning.”

        “Pupils are happy here.”

“Leaders have improved the culture of the school significantly.”

        “All pupils, including those with SEND, achieve well.”

Ofsted 2022

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Our Approach

Hungerford Primary is for everyone. It’s an inclusive, happy school, where children feel looked after. Everything we do is for the children.

We know that all children can succeed if they are taught using approaches which are individual to their needs and talents.

We provide a high level of support for all of our children and think and work creatively to help them reach their goals.

The school officially became part of The Bridge London Trust in 2018. Our vision is to help all our children to meet their full potential whilst keeping in mind the child-centred ethos that you will find in the Outstanding Special Schools in our Trust. We consistently drive each other and our children to be our best.

We pride ourselves on using Project Based Learning – a teaching method in which children gain knowledge and skills for six weeks or longer to investigate and respond to an authentic, engaging and complex question, problem or challenge. This includes cross-curricular exploration, encouraging the children to look at issues from a variety of perspectives and experience a broad education.

We are also proud leaders of the Islington 11 by 11 scheme, where we aim to provide every child with 11 cultural experiences by the time they are 11. This scheme contributes to our fantastic curriculum to develop well-rounded children who are culturally fluent and attuned to the world around them.

At Hungerford, we truly value each individual child, and work hard to develop their whole person as much as possible.

All of our staff know the children really well, so we can identify their strengths, challenges, and the best ways of supporting them. We are always on hand to help with whatever is needed to ensure that our pupils feel safe, welcome, and cared for regardless of their needs.

We believe that children work best when they are happy, interested, and treated as individuals. We use Positive Behaviour Intervention Support to make sure that our school is a calm and happy place for children to learn, and we’ve worked alongside specialists in Windesheim University in Amsterdam to develop this approach.

Our Curriculum

Our aim is to create an inclusive, caring and co-operative school community, which celebrates learning in all of its forms. We expect excellent behaviour from our pupils and use Positive Behaviour Support and Intervention which means that we relate positively towards children at all times and teach the children how to behave well as part of our curriculum. We believe that specific, meaningful praise and a secure, nurturing environment are necessary in order to develop the child’s self-esteem and enable them to develop the confidence to learn with an open and questioning mind.

Our curriculum is planned with high aspirations. We provide a combination of direct teaching and practical approaches in order to meet the needs of all of our learners.

Our curriculum is based on the national curriculum. We pride ourselves on our broad curriculum including high quality music and sports provision and place a high priority on ensuring that all children have the opportunity to excel.

Children learn in many different ways so we aim to teach using many different styles. Children learn individually, in pairs, in small groups or as a whole class. The classroom is silent, quiet or sometimes very noisy. Our staff are encouraged to teach in many different ways and constantly develop their teaching expertise. They are empowered to take risks in the classroom to ensure the curriculum is exciting and irresistible for the children.

Ofsted Report and Challenge Partners Quality Assurance Review 2023

Challenge Partners is a national education network, led by practitioners, through which schools collaborate to improve each other and the education system as a whole, so all children benefit.

The Quality Assurance Review is central to Challenge Partners’ school improvement work. Honest and insightful conversations drive school improvement and the quality assurance and assessment is built around this professional peer-led review with its laser focus on teaching and learning, curriculum and outcomes, and leadership at all levels.

The reviewers and the school’s senior leaders team up to examine where the school currently is and where it is heading, as they jointly identify areas for development and look at key challenges for the coming year.

Hungerford School

249 Hungerford Road , London, N7 9LF

Phone: +44 (0)20 7619 1000 (Select Option 2)

Email: hungerfordadmin@thebridgetrust.academy

Key contact: Jo Stephens, Headteacher

SENCo: Jo Stephens

SENCo Email: hungerfordadmin@thebridgetrust.academy

SEND enquiries: hungerfordinclusion@thebridgetrust.academy

School Office Opening hours: 08:00 – 16:00

School day for children: 08:45 – 15:30