Student Voice

School Council

At Fen Rivers Academy, we respect the rights of our community and fundamental British values of democracy, ensuring the views and opinions of students are expressed. At the beginning of September, the students elect school council members  from each year group. All pupils are invited to stand as School Council representatives and are voted for fairly and democratically by their peers. There is opportunities to be extended Council each term. The School Council  meets every month to discuss issues raised by the children and  ideas  to help improve our school even further. We believe our School Council are very effective in helping bring about positive changes in the life of our school!

Some key discussions from this academic year:

  • Bullying and creating antibullying posters
  • Anti-discrimination child-led policy
  • Discussions around school clubs and social time proposals
  • Creating interview questions for candidates aiming to work at our school
  • Complete a peer ‘Safety at School’ survey
  • Fundraising for charity (local and global)
  • Day for Ukraine tomorrow: How we spread awareness
  • Behaviour and attitudes: Students views on staff language around challenging poor behaviour
  • Creating focus and information boards in school around mental health, promoting helplines
  • Educational visits and opportunities to learn offsite
  • SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT PLAN (SIP): Amanda Fewkes facilitates students views to feed into the school SIP

If you have any ideas or suggestions to help improve our school, please see your class council reps, who will bring your suggestions to the school council meeting.

Vote for Schools

Vote For Schools provides weekly discussions and resources across the UK, aiming to promote impartial discussions on challenging current issues. It is an integral part of personal development at Fen Rivers Academy. Students voice in lessons, including their vote, contribute to national feedback and sharing of views from our community. Vote For Schools ensures that student voices are heard and have an impact.