Personal Development & Enrichment

At Fen Rivers Academy, we aim to provide all of our pupils with a breadth of new and bespoke experiences that enrich their lives. We want pupils to see the wider world and enjoy learning in a variety of environments.

Our broad and balanced curriculum helps children to deepen their academic and social learning, whilst also developing transferable skills to take with them into later life.

Activity Passports: Experiencing 'Firsts' Together

Swimming and Lifesaving at St James’

All students leave Fen Rivers able to swim confidently. The greatest benefit of being an all-through school is that we secure this life skill with students’ on their journey with us. It is never too late to become a confident swimmer.

‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ West End Theatre Production
Charlie and The Chocolate Factory The Musical Theatre Royal Visit Years 5-9 (20/04/23)
Year 5 Student recount

We went to Charlie and the chocolate factory the musical, it was funny and breath-taking. We had lots of fun and happiness, it was the funniest thing ever invented!!! It had so many special effects, and the floating glass elevator. It was awesome, amazing, exciting, splendid and funny. The Oompa Loompa it was SO EXCITING. The silly squirrel costume was hilarious. Augustus Gloop is a greedy silly annoying boy. The trip was amazing.

I would like to see it again with my family they would like it a lot. They are so kind and caring. So is school they worry for us a lot.

The end

Norfolk Crucial Crew Experience – Year 6

Crucial Crew is a multi-agency education project, led by Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service. Each Spring students get the opportunity to take part in the following workshops with professionals:

  • Fire and Rescue – Potential risks and avoidance
  • How to stay safe around electricity
  • Learn how to respond in a medical emergency
  • Staying safe on beaches, cliffs and coastal paths
  • Ways to stay safe in the sea
  • Keeping myself safe online
  • Learn the dangers of gas in our home
  • The water safety toolkit
  • The evacuation toolkit
Kingswood Summer Activity Days

Each Year students in lower KS3 are given the opportunity to participate at Kingswood Outdoor Activity Centre in West Runcton. Adventurous activities are selected to develop physical skills, but also has direct impact on student’s emotional systems. Activities aim to develop pro-social and interpersonal skills, facing fears and overcome barriers as a team. Using classroom strategies to control anxieties and celebrate successes in a group. Kingswood provides first-time experiences for our students to enjoy and remember.


Kingswood Social Story – click here

ActivAll Sensory Wall

Physical, behavioural and personal development benefits are achieved from using our ActivAll walls at Fen.

These include:

  • Improve hand-eye coordination (fine motor skills)
  • Record performance improvement, supports routine and celebrate achievements
  • Boost confidence and self-esteem in a controlled environment
  • Improves concentration, focus, and regulation
  • Learning about effects high-intensity exercise has on our body, and including as part of regular routine
  • Set goals and support cognition and learning breaks
  • Tackles obesity and improves fitness, supporting ‘body image’ as a common barrier to self-worth.
  • ActivAll supports strategies with some students, based on EHCP need. For example, releasing energy and giving focus to students with ADHD (optimally activating dopamine and cortisol levels to the brain)
  • Self-control and use of a timer and taking responsibility for their own routines
  • Supports BSPs when in ‘crisis’ – Physical anger, rage, shame are emotional stages which require the release of energy (anger) and this an be channeled in a healthy way – without others judging. Overtime, staff will not need to co-regulate when effective strategies are developed.