Careers Guidance

Careers at The Fen Rivers Academy

We are committed to implementing a careers programme that will empower pupils to make informed decisions about their future and to meet our Mission Statement by ensuring pupils leave us with a positive destination and with clear purpose, having achieved at least five meaningful qualifications by the time they leave us.  We are ambitious for all of our students, knowing that with the right support and guidance they will meet their full potential and go on to lead happy, fulfilled and successful lives.

We aim to:

  • Develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes needed for pupils to be successful in their working lives
  • Develop awareness of options available to them and support pupils to manage their career choices and identify the steps needed to be taken to be successful in their chosen career
  • Enable pupils to research careers and to use this to help them make informed choices.
  • Support pupil transition either to work or other places of study through identifying opportunities, completing applications, and developing interview skills
  • Experience the world of work and develop transferrable skills
  • Support readiness for the next phase of education, training or employment so that pupils are equipped to make the transition successfully.
Apprenticeships – a great career pathway for school leavers

Apprenticeships provide a way of combining learning with on-the-job training, which helps build solid, professional skills transferable from one organisation to another. Apprenticeships can last from one to five years – and result in a professional qualification.

Apprenticeships vary in the qualifications that can be achieved, length of commitment and balance between work and study. Apprenticeships are available after GCSE and are a great alternative to full-time study for those students that prefer practical experience over classroom learning. Similarly, apprenticeships can be a great choice after sixth form/college. Employers pay a salary and tuition fees are covered by the employer and the government.

A modern apprenticeship can provide a first-rate opportunity to “learn while you earn”, gain qualifications and obtain first-hand workplace skills.

Our Careers Programme

Careers Lead – Rachel Good

Careers Advisor to the School – Tracey Scarsbrook 


Careermag for Inclusion

A quarterly magazine subscription – find this in the secondary library. You could also subscribe to this free magazine yourself by clicking this LINK.


Careermap is the UK’s leading school leaver website, jam-packed with career advice, guidance, live apprenticeships and course vacancies.



Advice for parents/carers

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The Parents' Guide to.... website

“Parental engagement has a large and positive effect on children’s learning”
Department for Education, GOV.UK

Mock exams ahead

Mocks usually take place as the end of the autumn term or at the start of January. As teens are now getting used to their new timetable for the year, it’s a good idea for parents to be aware that they should also be incorporating revision along with homework during evenings and weekends. The Parents’ Guide to revision timetables could be useful in developing dedicated time to allocate to revision.As ever, there are ways parents can help too. The Parents’ Guide to five proven revision strategies is a good starting point for them to help their teen discover which revision styles work best for them.

Advice for Parents

As parent/carers you will be some of the most influential people in your child’s life and they will look to you for support as they consider their future, review their options and make choices about their next best steps.

Here at The Fen Rivers Academy we have a Careers Programme providing education, information, advice and guidance and this page of our website signposts students to on-line information advice and guidance.

Research shows that young people look to their family first when they want career advice.

Whilst some young people have a very clear idea of where they see their pathway leading them, others may take a while to decide – you can help by:

Starting the conversation

  • Be open minded and encouraging.
  • Talk about what your child finds fulfilling.
  • Focus on the skills and behaviours your child will need, rather than specific jobs.
  • Be patient as your child’s choices may change.
  • Talk about what careers experiences your child has had at school (lessons, visits, tutor time, citizenship and assemblies).
  • Remember it’s your child’s decision on what direction they want to go.

There are many organisations who can offer advice and support to parents as your child starts to choose options in Year 9, begins to make their post 16 choices, decides if university is right for them, investigates apprenticeships and looks for funding support.

Below are some links you may find useful in helping you to support your child as they consider the next steps on their career pathway.

How to help support your child on their career pathway