Fantastic Primary Content

At The Bridge Primary, our dedicated staff team really wanted to reach out to our pupils and families while the school was closed. We tried to find a way for pupils to see a familiar face and support our families with their children’s learning at home. We also wanted to show parents some fun ideas for activities they could do with their children, so the staff at Primary turned to their cameras and developed a bank of resources on our very own YouTube channel. We know that our children love watching their favourite songs, nursery rhymes and other videos on YouTube so we decided that it would be an easy platform for them to access.

On the channel, you can watch how teachers tell engaging sensory stories, teach Makaton signs, arts and craft, give cooking ideas and much more. If you have not seen the channel yet, the video titled ‘A Message from The Bridge Primary staff’  is a great place to start. You can see over 50 members of staff join together from their homes to let the pupils know how much they were missed. We hope watching the videos puts a smile on your children’s faces during this time… and remember to like and subscribe!

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